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I started building this website in 1998 when I set up my solo conservation practice. I was keen to put my new practice in front of the public, and I wanted to learn more about web publishing along the way. Since I started blogging in 2001 I have also had an easy outlet for idle thoughts.

I developed a taste for uncluttered design, and standards-compliant code. The basic navigation structure I set up in the beginning has lasted well, although I have revamped the graphic presentation several times. The current site went public in 2012, after a long gestation​—​work for clients always goes to the front of the queue.

For an overview of the content of the website see the site map, and for more technical detail read about this website.

This is a diagram of the hypertext links on a page of this website — the index page of my blog, Marking time

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Client: myself

Year: since 1998

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Award winning
Government building
Industrial site
Timber building

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