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Cartes-de-visite by American Glacé Photo Co

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American Glacé Photo Co’s dates and locations from Alan Davies’ and Peter Stanbury’s book The mechanical eye in Australia: photography 1841-1900:

Adelaide Street Maryborough
W A Smith

See also W A Smith

Allom & Bailey
American Glacé Photo Co
American Studio
Bevan, Thomas
Billingham, George
Biltoft & Reynolds
Boag & Milligan
Brame & Co, J
Buderus, Louis
Cardell, Edmund B
Clark, James
Clinton, A B
Clinton & Co, A B
Crownson, A
Deazeley, J
Duesbury, Samuel
Elite Photo Co
Ferguson, William
Forster, E H
Fosbrooke, A R
Frisco Photo Co
Fritsche, R
Gedge, A & W M
Goode, Henry
Hogg, John J
Hutchison, Eddie T B
Leck, Robert
Lomer, Albert
Lomer, Albert & Co
Lucas, J B
Lundager, J Hansen
Marquis, Daniel
Massingham, George L
Mathewson & Co
McClelland & Goode
McClelland, George S
Metcalfe, D F
Metcalfe & Glaister
Moore, C H
Mouland & Co
Müller, Emil
Pochee, Biggingee Sorabjee
Poulsen, Poul C
Roggenkamp, Christopher
Roggenkamp, Martin
Smith, W A
Taylor, A
Tuttle & Co
Watson, J
Watson, Robert
Weddell, Andrew
Whitehead, F A
Wilder, J W
Wright, Alfred

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